About us
Lizard Animation Corp. was founded in 2019. The studio deals with preparation and development of any challengeable projects in animation.
Since 2019, Lizard Animation Corp. ("Lizard") has been producing and promoting the brand of an animated series called FairyteensTM.
Key feature of the cartoon series is high quality of animation: creative and technic power of world-wide level studios.
Lizard Animation Corp attracts top-tier talent from different countries around the world, to create a best-in-class brand. Creative and animation teams from Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, India, China and the USA have all been engaged in the production of the series.
The FairyteensTM target demographic is children in preschool and grade school. The key goals of the series are encouraging the development of creative skills, emphasising the importance of dreaming, respect of multicultural/diverse values, and teaching children how to engage with each other. The main characters of the series are fairies of different ages, different cultural backgrounds, and levels of emotional development.
First episodes of FairyteensTM are already available on YouTube channels on English, Russian and others.
Lizard Animation Corp. owns rights to the trademark, images and movies as IP items.

For further information, please contact us via email lizard@isbdev.com or od@isbdev.com

Our projects
The "Fairyteens" TVanimated series tells a story about five little fairies (four kids and a young mentor) who live in a human apartment.
They train to control their magical powers, interact with each other and cope with the dangers that fill the big human world.
Fully interactive digital "ecosystem", which emulates the fairyteens universe, combines all available franchise materials and actively interacts with the target audience.
This is a long-term project: quarterly content update, regular (up to monthly) addition of new functions and activities.
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Atlanta, Georgia 30326
E-mail: lizard@isbdev.com